Things to Look Out For When Using Tramadol

Things to Look Out For When Using Tramadol

Tramadol uses

Tramadol is a oral drug that is usually taken to get instant relief from the chronic pain. It is used to treat moderate pain but provides some relief in case of severe pain as well. It is not a drug that one needs to take when they are in pain rather it is a round the clock pain reliever. Fire that lights your house can just as easily burn it to the ground.

Precautions when using Tramadol : Avoid the use of Tramadol when you are under the influence of Alcohol, some sedative, any narcotic drug or tranquilizer. Avoid in-taking Tramadol even if you have had them in the past couple of hours.

The side effect of Tramadol is on your breathing. It slows your breathing whenever you try to change the dose or intake the drug after prolonged duration.

It is not advisable to take heavy doses. It is always recommended to stick to the prescribed dose amount.
Also, Tramadol needs to be swallowed without breaking or crushing it in our mouth. However, you can take it in anyway, with or without food, with water or milk or juice. Just make sure you do not intake it with something intoxicating and with intoxicating includes your beer as well.

The use of Tramadol is prohibited to people who have had seizures in the past or a metabolic disorder. Also, if you have had serious head injury in the past then in taking Tramadol can be the cause of seizure.

Also, this drug cannot be mixed with some other anti depressant, narcotic, muscle relaxer or the medicine you intake when you feel like vomiting or nausea.

Tramadol is an addictive drug so do not abuse it. Always take in in the time and dose as prescribed by your physician.

Also, if you happen to miss Tramadol dose, then just in case of cover up do not intake more than prescribed dose.

If you overdose or abuse the use of Tramadol for some recreational activity then it can be fatal.

The symptoms of overdose of Tramadol include:
-Slow breathing
-Lowered heart beat rate
-Clammy and cold skin
-Drowsiness and sudden fainting.

If proper precaution and attention are not given to the problem then the over use of Tramadol can be fatal. So, keep it out of the reach of children and always take it in prescribed amount.


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